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Sangha, pronounced (SAHNguh), means a healthy, like minded, community. Our studio is a "green" space made of recycled, refurbished, and sustainable materials. But Sangha is more than a yoga studio alone, we are a community of yoga practitioners, seekers, healers and teachers who come together to practice the rich, holistic science and spiritual system of Yoga.


Why Practice with Us?

Yoga has become quite popular in recent years. Yoga classes are being offered in wide variety of locations. New yoga studios promoting the latest trends in yoga fashion and fitness are popping up in every town. So how does one choose where to practice yoga?

Sangha Yoga has been a locally owned industry leader since 2003. Our director, Karina Mirsky is an internationally respected yoga educator. All Sangha teachers are certified and highly qualified to work with a variety of human needs. Our holistic and therapeutic approach to yoga practice is largely rooted in Rod Stryker's ParaYoga and the Himalayan Tradition.

Our group classes and private sessions offer any adult body type or fitness level a systematic approach to yoga to meet their unique needs. Our classrooms are warm enough to be safe and comfortably open the body, but are not hot. We proudly share Meditation and authentic philosophy in our classes.

At Sangha Yoga, we explore yoga as a lifestyle, not just an exercise. Our instructors recognize that physical pain, stress, illness, anxiety, and depression are common human issues. We aim to skillfully and compassionately address these issues with students when they arise. See Testimonials.

Sangha Yoga cares deeply for the well being of our community. We want to help you thrive in all aspects of your life. Please read our Mission Statement & Studio Policies.

New to Yoga?

Want to make a commitment to learning about it?
We offer a six week beginning yoga semester called Pure Basics

Rather drop in once in a while?
We have over 20 on-going classes each week for you to drop into anytime. Nearly all of our classes are appropriate for beginning students. (see the current "Weekly Schedule")

Still have questions or concerns about starting yoga classes?
Read our comprehensive Beginner Q & A or contact Jerry in the Sangha Yoga office.

What Level am I?

A Beginning Yoga Practitioner - has limited or no experience taking group yoga classes. They are just being introduced to basic yogic concepts, poses, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques. Beginning yoga students are learning the names, forms, and functions of yoga poses. They are exploring how to align themselves safely in yoga postures and modify poses for their unique needs.

An Intermediate Yoga Practitioner - has been studying yoga in a classroom setting long enough to have a basic understanding of yoga poses, breathing, and meditation techniques. These students know how to align and modify yoga postures for their personal needs. They also have the ability to stay calm and steady as the physical challenge level increases. These students are looking to learn more and "go deeper."

An Advanced Yoga Practitioner - has established a regular yoga practice. They have cultivated the physical endurance to approach more complex postures, engage in breath retention, and sit in meditation for longer periods. They understand what "balanced practice" is and how to maintain it. Advanced students embrace yoga philosophy and are looking to access subtle energy in practice. They are also exploring what it means to "live yoga" as a lifestyle.

Front Desk & Studio Info

Please read our important Studio Policies before attending any of our classes.
A note about Class Cancellations

Gift Shop:
Our gift shop carries yoga mats, props, books, CD's, meditation supplies, and Himalayan Institute Neti Pot products, botanicals and immune support herbs. The Sangha Yoga Gift Shop is open during Front Desk Hours.

Front Desk Hours:
NOTE: classes run at additional times


4:30pm –8:30pm


4:30pm – 7:00pm


9:30am – 12pm :: 4:30pm – 8:30pm


4:30pm – 8:30pm


*by appointment only*


11:30am – 1:30pm


11:30am – 1:30pm

*The front desk staff is allowed to leave during weekend shifts..
Best to stop in at the beginning or end of these shifts.



Our Director

Karina Ayn Mirsky was featured in Yoga Journal as one of 21 teachers under the age of 40 shaping the future of yoga in America. Learn more below:

Karina's Bio

Sangha Calendar

National Event Schedule


Sangha Yoga proudly supports the Himalayan Institute.

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We share a lobby with Shanti

Seva means "service with selfless intention." Below are just some of the organizations that Sangha Yoga has raised funds for or offered services to:

Himalayan Institute
Ministry with Community
Toys for Tots
West Michigan Cancer Center
American Red Cross
World Yoga Fund
Youth Aids
The Red Tent
Pretty Lake Camp
SYTT Scholarship Fund


Start Learning Here
We carry many H.I. Press books at Sangha too!

Yoga Asana

Yoga for Wellness,
by Gary Krafstow

Classical Texts

1.Yoga Sutras
2. Hatha Yoga Pradipika
3. Bhagavad Gita  

Sangha Yoga
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Mall Plaza, Suite# 140
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Upcoming Events

9/13: Eight Days of AM Practices (YTT workshops)

10/5: Meera's BIG YOGA

10/26: Elizabeth Terrel

10:26: Postnatal w/ Chelsie

11/15: Santosha w/ Karina

12/19:Annual Winter Solstice Meditaion & Ceremony

12/20: Winter Renewal Asana
w/ Kara Aubin

12/20: Sankalpa w Karina


12/21: FREE Satsang & Social


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